Saturday, February 23, 2008

February of Firsts

First time David will be gone for a whole week. I miss him already! Have fun in Philly and come home soon!!!

Noah loses his first tooth. An exciting yet dramatic moment for Noah. That little tooth was hanging on til the very end and Noah was completely freaking out. And of course we captured it all on video.

Ella Joy is invited to her first birthday party. Her friend Sofie turned 2 and had a baby doll party. Here Ella Joy is pinning the paci on the baby.

Party cookie!!

First time finding a purse and a calculator in my fridge.

First bow!!!

First real snow. We were so excited and surprised by this snow. Usually in this area the weather folks will debate whether there will be flurries or not for days before they arrive. However to our surprise we received 3 inches of beautiful perfect snow. And this is what Noah typically wears to bed so he couldn't wait, he just had to run out in the snow.

Snow dance with our snow socks. Noah and I were so excited that there was snow we put on our snow socks and danced and slid around the kitchen til way past his bedtime!

First lunar eclipse. We had a great time looking at the eclipse through Noah's binoculars. Thanks Jared!

First potty for Ella Joy. This is her favorite new seat. She loves to eat her breakfast and snacks here. She gets very excited when she finds something in her potty.