Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sea World

SeaWorld was fun. The new Cirque del Sol Show was our favorite!
We were practically the only people in the park so we were able to ride everything over and over again.  David and Noah rode the rollercoaster several times while the girls and I took the skyride over the bay. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Temple, Old Town, and Sunset on the Beach

The San Diego Temple was beautiful!

 David insisted on this picture

 At the Mormon Batallion Museum in Old Town.  The kids loved this place.  David didn't want to go at first but it was really impressive and entertaining.  We learned a lot of history that we didn't know.

 Eating Mexican food in historic Old Town.  I had the most delicious fish tacos.  I would go back just to have them again.

 After Old Town we drove to the beach, rented bikes, and rode along the boardwalk.
We made it just in time to enjoy icecream and an awesome sunset.

Monday, January 28, 2013

San Diego Zoo

 Pretending to be turtles stuck on their backs

The San Diego Zoo was amazing.
We walked and walked and walked.
Noah was our photographer and took pictures of every animal we saw.
Awesome wonderful beautiful day.
Can I tell you how nice it is to be outside....
San Diego weather is everything people bragged about it being...absolutely perfect.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

JuJu got married

Tonight at the dinner JuJu announced that she had married Hunter at preschool today.
The conversation went as follows:

JuJu:  Me and Hunter got married today. And we kissed (hee hee hee)
Me: Really.
JuJu: Yep
Me: Its okay to pretend to get married but let's not kiss our friends at school.
JuJu: We weren't pretending. We really got married.
Me: What were the other kids doing?
JuJu: They were laughing.
Me: Where was Miss Jess?
JuJu: Teacher was in the kitchen
Me: Didn't the kids tell her what happened?
JuJu:  No. They were just laughing.
Me: Well, now that you are married are you planning on moving out.
JuJu: Yes
Me: Which one is Hunter?
JuJu: He is the one with the curl in his hair.
Me: I thought you didn't like curly hair.
JuJu: But I like his hair.

The rest of the family's reactions:
David--imagining the decades of boy drama that lay in front of him with a house full of girls
Noah--playing along with her announcement
Ella Joy--worried that JuJu had really gone and gotten hitched, which would mean sleeping in her room alone across the hall from the dungeon (the utility room across from their room where Voldemort lives)

I am planning on updating December but ran out of storage space on my account. I recently bought space but haven't been able to upload pictures from my computer. If anyone has any suggestions or has encoutered this please share what I can do. 

Love is in the air!!! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's 2013

Lots of children.
Lots of noise!
For New Year's Eve we gathered at the Noel's house again.
With 5 families which = a bazillion children it was a wild house and so much.
Good food, great friends, and evidently not much picture taking because this is all I got.

Looking forward to a very Happy 2013!!!