Monday, October 31, 2011

Where did October go?

Martina McBride in concert at Host Fest.

Walking tree at the Host Fest

Trolls and all things Scandinavian--every year the Host Fest comes to Minot. It is the largest Scandinavian festival in the world, Wow! Right here in Minot.

At the rodeo.

The kids loved watching the barrel races, calf roping, and bullriding...

We are really becoming North Dakotians.

After Church without shoes, of course.

Decked out with silly bands, bead neclaces, makeup, and hair clip

Flying unicorn, Stitch, Sleeping Beauty, and Black Spiderman

Running away from home with all her favorite toys wrapped up in her scratchy.

She told me she was running away so I said you might want to put on your coat and maybe your boots too. She thought that seemed like a good idea. Then I asked her if she would be back by Christmas and she said no she would be back by the holiday before Christmas, the one where you eat turkey. Okay, sounds good I said. Can I take a pictures so I will remember what you look like. Sure she said. Alright I said be careful go wherever you like but just don't leave the front yard. Okay. So she walked aimlessly around the front yard til she decided that home wasn't so bad.