Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Give Thanks

Over Thanksgiving we went home to SC to celebrate with Boyd, Genean, Smith and Oa. Our good friends from NC, Matt and Lindsay Nelson, were also able to join us. We had lots of fun cooking! Genean did a great job on her first Turkey!!! The kids had a great time playing on the trampoline and running around outside together.

Genean and I with our Thanksgiving spread.

Lindsay, Matt, and Boyd dig in!

David and I . Thanks KiKi for the H&M sweaters! I love them and wear them all the time. This is my favorite.

The pilgrims and indian ate together and it was done relatively peacefully.

These are Matt and Lindsay's twin boys, Blake and Tyler. I love this picture!

After Thanksgiving dinner the men and children went for a swim in the jacuzzi. Can everyone say WHITE BOYS.

Ella Joy loved to snuggle with Uncle Boyd.

Please can he stay a little boy just a little longer. This is how I found Noah one night after I had put him to bed. Evidently he needed a special bed for his monkey that he won from Captain Claw--Krista's claw machine. So he dumped our clothes out of the laundry basket, found a pillow, and snuggled his new friend inside his camaflouge PJ bottoms. I guess he figured that someone should use them.

Doesn't he look cozy!

Twin cousins playing bumper cars.

Attack of the Baby Oa!!!!!!!

Running from the Noooooaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

On Friday we went to the Zoo. Unfortunately our camera ran out of batteries and this is the only picture we have from the zoo. We had a great time seeing the gorillas and feeding the giraffes.

Splish Splash in Papa Dean's sink.

Monday, November 12, 2007

7 Things Mommy J Doesn't Know about Me

I've been tagged.

1. I slept with FiFi balled up in my hand(a little rag doll that I got when I was born) until I got married. And during the first few months of marriage I would bring it out now and then. So FiFi is gender neutral. If you could see it you would understand why.

2. I lost by big toenail when I was 10 during play practice. A big, huge, super heavy bench fell right on the nail base and popped it right off. It bled tons and was very painful. But I got to go sit in the director's office and eat a GooGoo Cluster. To this day I always think about Bettie Herring (the director) when I see GooGoo Clusters.

3. Before I got married I had no middle name. It made me so sad in middle school so I started telling everyone it was Fer. Jenni fer. Okay so I was 11, it was really funny and some people believed me.

4. My first kiss took place in Red Ring Rollerway by the size 13 skates. We thought we were cool! Post kiss we skated hand in hand to Ghostbusters!

5. My sister Becky used to tell me I was a really good singer so that I would sing her to sleep. She would ask me to sing Tiffany's Could've Been and a variety of other 80's hits. I would get overly excited about my performance as we were laying in our beds. Usually before I could even finish my sisterly lullabye my dad would scream from the other side of the house for me to shutup and go to sleep.

6. When I was 6 years old I swore at my bestfriend's older brother not even knowing what the word meant. I just knew it was super bad and right after I said it I was quite certain I was going to hell (remember my first grade teacher was a nun, fully outfitted, living in the convent kind of nun). I went upstairs to my Rainbow Brite room and prayed like no other 6 year old has ever prayed before.

7. Okay number 7, you asked for seven, so the seventh thing that you don't know about me is when I was young I always got the parts in Christmas plays as the little beggar girl. Kindergarten I was the little girl in rags that had nothing to give baby Jesus but my heart. Second grade I was the street child that stood outside in the snow with no shoes while all the happy carolers strolled by. Fifth grade I played the shabbily dressed, foul mouth Imogene Herdmen from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. So you see there is a trend in the roles that I play. Was it my stringy hair, my freckly face, or I guess at that time bony body? Take your pick.

Thanks Jenny for the opportunity to reminisce. David has been laughing his head off and he didn't know half of these things either. Now I will tag.......Alice.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gold Feet

Thanks Shey Shey and Rob for the stylish outfit! I am in love with these gold mary janes!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Moments in Motherhood

There are some moments in motherhood that stand out because they are extremely painful, horribly stinky, or sometimes just so sweet. Sunday night I had a sweet moment. So it started out not so sweet but ended that way.

So Noah loves baby powder. He thinks its really fun to put it on his bum and then snap his undies and make a cloud of white powder poof into the air. Sunday night Ella Joy was playing in her crib and Noah asked if he could get her out. They were in their for awhile playing nicely. When he finally brought her out I noticed a little baby powder on her head. "Noah, were you playing with the baby powder." "Yes, its so fun!" "But its dangerous. If Ella Joy gets it in her mouth or eyes it could really hurt her. Do you understand?" "Yes."

1 hour later going to put Ella Joy to bed
I notice there is baby powder on the chair, on the floor, all over her bed. "Noooooaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! You didn't tell me there was baby powder everywhere. Now I have to clean her sheets, wipe off the toys, vacuum the floor. Go to your room. You are in trouble."

30 minutes later carrying his easel marker board

Noah walks into the kitchen to apologize in the sweetest way a 6 year boy who is just learning how to write sentences can:

So they learn to write sentences by sounding out the first letter of each word and adding any extra letters that they may hear. David had no idea what it meant but as soon as I saw it I knew what it said.
I A(am) S (sorry)F(for) P(putting) B(baby) P(powder) ERW(everywhere) P(please) FG (forgive) M (me) Thy(thank you) Noah.

It was the sweetest apology ever. I would let him baby powder the whole room just to read the note.