Monday, May 25, 2009

I Need A Madsen

I saw this ad while browsing on one of my favorite blogs and got so excited!

As most of you know we are moving to Miami in July. We found a townhome on a beautiful little island called Key Biscayne. Everything is super close. Noah's school is 4 blocks away, the grocery store just around the corner, and the beach just a 10 minute walk. I just imagined strapping Ella Joy and Julia in the bucket, Noah speeding along side me on his rollerblades as we take a quick trip over to Winn-Dixie for some dinner neccesities. So check them out! Maybe you'll get just as excited! I just love this sky blue one. Its beautiful!!!!

Click on the icon to see more.

P.S. To my few but oh so faithful friends: I promise to update soon. May has been a mayhem of Miami, moving, future marriages, napping anywhere, chess club victories, and sitting up for the first time. Lots of fun pics to come. Right now I'm going to sleep on my air matress thankfully to gracious friends, not the floor. As soon as I get a night to myself I will update...hopefully this week.