Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Purse

My friend Maria dropped off a purse and some jewelry today for Ella Joy and she was ecstatic. She walked around with the purse all day taking the jewelry in and out, throwing it over her shoulder, and she even took it with her while she was riding her bike. Whenever Noah got close to her purse she would scream. I think he is noticing a trend here with women and their purses. I recently got upset at him for going through my purse and then today Ella Joy really freaked out when he touched her purse. I guess you have to learn sometime that you just don't mess with a womens' purse.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday David

Happy 31st Birthday, David!

I thought I would take this opportunity to honor him here on my blog.
I'm sure he will be thrilled.

Just Some of the Reasons Why I love David

He is the most positive person I know.
He always sees the good in other people.
He is a really hard worker and always does the best at whatever he is doing.
He is very competitive but you would never know it until you played SkipBo or Uno or any sport with him. I often have to remind him that Noah is only 6 or that this is just a FHE activity.
He loves watching movies with me even if they are chic fliks.
He will practice yoga with me even though I am pretty sure he hates it.
He plays steam roller on the trampoline with Noah and it is very entertaining to watch.
He adores Ella Joy. And Ella Joy adores him. She shriels when he comes home from work.
He loves throwing the kids really, really high.
He loves Spider Man and oddly enough he looks a lot like Peter Parker.
He can fall asleep anywhere--on the sofa sitting up, in the middle of the living room floor with the kids running all around. (proof of this in previous post)
Old people love him.
Children love him.
He always does what is right.
He has a great body. ( Sorry David, but you do)
He has a wonderful smile.
He has always given me wings to fly!

And I am just absolutely and completely in love with him!

Happy Birthday David! I love you!!!!

After almost 9 years of marriage we are really starting to look alike.

Whenever I take pictures of the kids I get really excited. I will laugh, make funny faces all in an attempt to make them smile for the pictures. Oddly enough it is David who gets captivated by my enthusiasm and mimicks my faces.

Ella Joy staring in adoration at her daddyo!

My boys!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day of Discoveries

Noah discovers GIRLS-- As I droppped Noah off at school this morning he said, "There's the girl in Christopher's class, I like her face."
"You like her face," I repeat, shocked because Noah isn't too generous with compliments and how he expressed this compliment was so sincere and sweet.
"Yeah, I like her face. And I like her hair too. I think she is beautiful."
Then he jumped out of the car and was off to kindergarten.

Ella Joy discovers WIND--A few hours later as I am driving home I notice that my gas gauge is below E so I turn off the AC, open all four window and try to remember where the closest gas station is. As I glance back in my rear view mirror I notice that Ella Joy has her neck stretched as high as it will go, her eyes are closed, and she is smiling and giggling and just enjoying the feel of the wind on her face. She kept reaching her hands up trying to touch the wind. She was just too cute.

I am so grateful for both of my kids who help me remember the simple yet amazing things in life.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tribute to Elle

While I was pregnant with Ella Joy, Brooke and I spent many an afternoon cruising around Costco tasting samples, shopping, tasting more samples, and just passing some time. Elle would sit in the front of the cart with her sweet little face and beautiful bald head and politely sign "more please" to me. I would then give her fruit snacks, gold fish, or whatever else one of us had brought to keep the children happy. What was completely adorable was that her sign for please was tickling her armpits like a monkey. I thought it was so cute that I promised to teach it to Ella Joy. So here it is! Thanks Elle

Friday, September 7, 2007

Multi-Tasking Like a Mama

Thursday night at bedtime Noah was desperate to finish organizing his 200 Pokemon cards. I told him it was too late and that he could do it tomorrow. "I just don't like not finishing things." I know the feeling I thought to myself.

Friday morning I asked Noah to watch Ella Joy while I jumped in the shower. Noah was eating a bowl of cereal at the kitchen table and Ella Joy was eating raisins off the seat of the chair. I thought I would return from my 5 minute shower to find them in the kitchen still eating but instead... Noah had responsibily placed Ella Joy in the playpen with her nite nite and dollies, turned on some music "to make her happy" and was anxiously engaged in organizing his Pokemon cards.

I was so impressed at Noah's rapid problem solving skills.
Situation: I want to organize Pokemon cards.
Problem: I need to watch Ella Joy. She will mess up my cards
Solution: Playpen, things to keep her happy, music

I stood at the door quietly proud.
What a good brother.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Only the Best Sitter for My Pretty

This afternoon I ran over to a friend's house and left David at home with Ella Joy. I was only gone for an hour but this is what I came home to. Daddy watching Ella Joy? Or is it Ella Joy watching daddy? I guess she decided to take matters into her own hands and get herself a banana. (Note she is biting through the peel.)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

School Girl

So Ella Joy had her first day of preschool. She will go to school on Wednesday and then again on Friday when I teach Spanish. She chose her her peach argyle sweater dress (thanks Brooke) hoping to make a great impression on her teachers. I'm just hoping she doesn't bite anyone or pull out their hair. She seems to be a little jealous of those with legnthy locks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Gifts

Thanks Uncle Jared and Aunt Alice for wonderful birthday gifts.
Noah loves his soccer ball.
And Ella Joy was thrilled with her ruby slippers.

"Nothing better than an ice cold pop while wearing my
favorite red ruby slippers."

"Oh Todo I dropped my pop!"

"So my pop fell on the ground do you think I could take
a bite of yours?"

"What was is it they said about clicking my heels together?"

Saturday, September 1, 2007

BYU vs. AZ 09/01/2007

This video had a better game summary. Go Cougars!