Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy to be Home

So happy to be home and have

cousin time
grandpa time (especially with his new Ipad)
uncle time
sister time
bubby time and best of all
daddy time

We have been in SC for about 2 weeks.
We have passed the time swimming, crafting, reading, and playing with toys that have been in storage for a year. The kids felt like it was Christmas when I started opening storage boxes with toys that we had left here. We have had a lot of fun and are going to stay a little while longer so I can make a little money teaching swimming. David was here this past week and will come again for EJ's birthday. I am really loving these lazy unstructured days of summer.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Ella Joy makes up songs to everything.
This one is called "Always." Enjoy, if you can.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School Awards and Scouts

Noah woke up early on awards day.
He tucked in his shirt, wore a belt, and put gel in his hair.
It was so cute.
I love his teacher.
I'm pretty sure she must have said something about looking your best and he took it to heart.

JuJu clapped for everyone.

EJ whined and complained that she couldn't see the entire time.

Some love for JuJu.

Noah received AR medals for reading and was also on the honor roll. In the morning before the awards ceremony he had talked to me about what awards he thought he might get. He knew AR because you keep up with that throughout the year. He didn't think he would get honor roll which is mostly A's and all 1's for behavior. He got a 2 in Spanish so he thought he was out. When they read the requirements for honor roll it was mostly A's and one 2 was allowed. So he was on the honor roll. When he got home from school he looked different. He told me that as soon as the ceremony was over he untucked his shirt, took off his belt, and went to the bathroom to put water in his hair. I guess you don't want to look nice for too long.

Later that night we went to the end of the year Cubscouts ceremony.
Noah completed his Wolf and also received some new belt loops.
All I could think about was 5 guys fries and dumping vinegar all over the top of them.
We stopped on the way home.
Noah shares my love for 5 guys so it made us both very happy!