Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Miami Trip

Our Miami vacation was an interesting one.
Here Ella Joy is flying high in the pool of the Sands Resort-- the maybe 2 star motel located on Key Biscayne.

Georgia's crib stuffed in the bathroom. Literally stuffed in there.
Which meant we used the lobby bathroom at night when she was asleep.
Got to be good friends with the night manager.

3 kids in the double
Visiting the Miami Childrens Museum. This is the vet area where you put the different pets. The kids liked this.
Outside our old condo--Le Phare
Getting smoothies at Bayfront
Alligator holding...
Parrot holding...
Horsey riding....
After 3 nights of staying in a single hotel room David decided that our sanity was worth the price of an extra room. And it was. Overall the trip was lots of fun. It was great to see our friends, the beach, and our old neighborhood.