Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Cubscout

Noah loves Cubscouts. He is completely into it. He gets so excited every Wednesday to go to den meeting. Last week the den mother brought his new uniform. David said he has never seen Noah so excited in his life. He grabbed his new get up, ran into the bathroom, and changed into the uniform. He has talked everyday about how we need to sew on his badges. Last week David sewed on his Bobcat badge. Now he is determined to finish his wolf book and get another badge.

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Take me a bath, bug mouth"

For the rest of my life I think I will remember when I heard these words uttered from Ella Joy's mouth as she walked up and down our stairs wearing only her pink Mary Jane crocs.

The story begins 2 days before with me sick on the sofa with flu like symptoms. I had a perfect plan. Julia was in bed. And I thought surely Ella Joy will lay quietly and watch a movie so I can get at least an hour of rest. However Ella Joy was so concerned with my being sick she kept laying baby wipes on my forehead and telling me how sorry she felt for me.

"Why you sick mommy?" gently wiping my forehead with a baby wipe
"Because I caught a bug. Ella Joy you need to stay away from my mouth because I don't want you to get sick too."
"Mommy, I sorry you so sick."

Fast forward 2 days. Post dinner. Ella Joy wants to take a bath.

"Take me a bath, mommy."
"Ella Joy, I am feeding Julia then I will Give you a bath."

Ella Joy goes upstairs, takes everything off but her crocs, and begins to chant,
"Take me a bath, take me a bath, take me a bath."
She is playing on the steps while she sings.
Distracted. Good. I finish nursing Julia. Walk to the kitchen to finish cleaning up dinner.

"Take me a bath, mommy!" This time with a little more volume and desperation.
"Okay Ella Joy I just have to finish cleaning the kitchen."

Her chant continues.
A few minutes pass. She continues to chant walking up and down the stairs. Then as if she can't believe the lady in the kitchen has ignored her for this long she adds a new line to the end of her chant,
"Take me a bath, bug mouth."

I look to see if she is saying this to me. She is not. She is in her own little world and has labeled the woman she once called mommy, bug mouth. In her face I can see she likes the new name.

I turned to David and we laugh so she can't see.

Bug mouth finally gives her daughter a bath.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Life of a Princess

The life of a princess can be challenging.

First, you have to decide who you will be for the day?

Baruca? with tantrums and mood swings galore

or will I be sweet and silly Ella Joy?

Next I must plan what I will do. How about a morning swim.

Followed by a trim for my friend.

A crew cut is what pretty Barbie requested.

By noon I am completely exhausted.

With my shoes, and my wand, and my tiara close by me.
I dream of my Prince.
Who is that lucky guy?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Perfect Day

Orlando Temple

JuJu dancing in the sun

The kiddies so happy to have finally arrived!

David insisted that Noah take a kissing picture. I must admit it made me happy that he still gets excited to give me a smooch. I sure love him!

Saturday morning we drove 3 and a half hours to the Orlando Temple. After a wonderful stake conference last month David and I felt strongly that we needed to attend the temple monthly. One of the speakers at the conference was a young mother who drives with her 2 young children each month from Key West (an 8 hour drive) to attend the temple with her husband. This was very inspiring to us. Surely we can make the 3 and a half hour trip. To be honest I was not looking forward to the drive, I imagined crying, complaining, traffic, etc... but much to my surprise the day went very smooth. The kids were great in the car. The temple was beautiful! The weather was amazing! And after attending the temple David and I felt so much peace. It was a perfect day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Amazing Mom

My amazing mom!

At the beach with friends, yes it is October

My mom takes the gang to the Sea Aquarium

Running the bridge at dusk

And of course teaching all of my friends children how to swim!

My mom came to visit from October 5-14. I love having her come visit. My mom is all about fun! We swam everyday, went on long walks, rode our bikes, played at the park, and ate yummy food. My mom loves to cook and I happily turn the kitchen over to her when she visits. For lunch she would make hot panini sandwiches and dinner was always delicious. One night she made chicken stuffed with spinach and feta wrapped in prosciutto. Amazing! And of course while she is here we always have yummy desserts. The kids are in heaven because all my food rules go out the door when grandma is in town. It was a great visit and we can't wait til she comes again!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Julia walks

and immediately begins to destroy things...

First, she rips the front off the CD player

Then she bends the computer screen in half.
What will be next for our little destructo?