Friday, November 27, 2009

Walking with the Gators in the Everglades

The day after Thanksgiving we took a trip to the Everglades. We walked along the path passing dozens of gators basking in the sun. The park rule is to stay at least 15 feet from the alligators however when they come up onto the path to get warm that distance is not possible. David was persistent on keeping the Julia and Ella Joy in the stroller so they would not become lunch. It was amazing to walk so close to these amazing animals. We are planning on going back so we can bike the loop that goes to an observatory tower. It was beautiful to see this natural part of Florida.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanks to the Brown family for having us over for Thanksgiving! It
was delicious!! Ella Joy had a blast rockin out on the Barbie guitar.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carrie's Wedding in Atlanta

Carrie made a beautiful bride.
Notice her amazingly flawless skin
I've been coveting it since highschool.

Me and Kelley

Kelley and Daniel
I shared a room with these fantastic 2 on SaturDay

Mandy and Greg

Matthew telling secrets

I loved the back of her dress

An amazingly delicious wedding cake!

Petal throwing

Me, Mandy, and Kelley
We were a trio in highschool.
So much fun to spend time with them.

On Saturday I flew to Atlanta for my friend Carrie England's wedding. I was only gone for 26 hours (Julia's still nursing and I didn't think she could survive much longer without num-num) but I had an amazing time. Kelley and Daniel picked me up at the airport then we went and hung out in our funky hotel room. There is never a dull moment with Daniel and Kelley. Kelley and I went out to lunch and had some delicious sandwiches that we split. I ordered the grilled chicken panini with pesto, artichoke, and tomatoe. Amazing. The side was the most delicious sweet potatoe fries. Kelley ordered the Spicy Bean Burger, yummy. Made me think of The Loop, oh how I miss you. Then we got ready. The wedding was beautiful. I cried. I always cry at weddings. Carrie looked beautiful, her mom was there and we have been praying for that for months, what a blessing. The reception was amazing. Good food, great band, and delicious wedding cake. Afterwards, I begged Greg to let Mandy spend the night with me. Mandy had warned him that I would ask. He said yes. We had a great time. I woke up at 6am with explosive tatas, hopped on the plane at 8:30, David picked me up at 10:30 on the way to Church. Julia was happy to see me and I was just as happy to see her. Sweet relief. Congratulations Carrie, it was all beautiful!

Friday, November 13, 2009

If you come to visit...

expect to be treated like family--black undies and all.

Brian, a friend from Winston-Salem, came to Miami for a fellowship interview. He was received with a warm welcome, a delicious lasagna dinner, and the best sofa accomadations in town.
Good luck on the match!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Class President

Congratulations Noah!
Second grade class president!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Magical Mail

Isn't this how we all feel when we get real mail--you know mail that is written by hand and the best is when that mail comes in the form of a BIG box from someone who loves you.

You can never get the box opened fast enough. I always use a knife to break through the tape and if someone was watching they would think I was starving and the box was full of food. But it is just excitement-pure excitement. Oh how I love that feeling.

Once you get the box opened, you examine all its contents. New things that belong to you. And they magically appeared at your door.

Then you try them on, of course. New bow, new dress

So happy!

Lots of bows, lots of love

Virginia says Thanks!
You made our day!