Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Grade

Virginia, Noah, and Ricardo

Noah started second grade today. He will be attending Key Biscayne Community School. It is the public school here on the island that is K-8 grade. It is great because it is only a 10 minute walk from our home. We had a special back to school breakfast. I made scrabbles eggs and bacon, Terry brought the bread and Nutella. Noah was in heaven. Chocolate for breakfast! The kids were so cute in their uniforms and so excited to get to school. It was fun to walk and not have to load everyone in the car. Happy, happy school days!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Noah's Baptism

We are so proud of Noah for being baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was really excited. When he walked out dressed in white next to David I felt the Spirit so strong. It was amazing to see and feel the eternal bond these two share. He is growing and becoming a wonderful young man. That night when we were talking he said, "Mom, I have two things to tell you about my baptism, first, I felt like I was dunked, second, I felt happy." It was sweet, cute, brief, and right to the point (very Noah style). We are grateful to our family and friends who made this day memorable. Dean, Wanda, and the kids who made the very long trek from SC to share in this important day. And the Angelone family who left our little island paradise to share this special time with us. Thank you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jacobs Weekend

Crandon Beach

Ripstick Races

Thanks to Boyd and Genean for lending us your bike trailer. We are so excited to ride!

Bill Baggs State Park

Gelato at the The Spoon

JuJu with her daddy

Josh being sweet to EJ

Noah and Josh

JuJu's favorite spot

Dean, Wanda, and the kids traveled all the way from SC to spend the weekend with us so they could be here for Noah's baptism. We had a great time at the beach swimming, snorkeling, and digging in the sand. For dinner we drove to Bill Baggs State Park, walked along the sea wall, and ate fish at the Boater's Grill. When we left the sun was going down and the sky was beautiful. We then drove down to the Spoon and ate some delicious gelato. The Passion Fruit was soooo good! We walked home and stopped by the park to play some night games. It was great to spend time with everyone. We wish they could have stayed longer. Thanks for driving all night to be with us. We love you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shelly Visits and I wish she would never leave

Shelly's 10 day visit:

Day 1-- We walked to the beach and played for several hours. Noah and Shelly built a sand shark, Ella Joy whined til I sent her home with David, and Julia went for a skinny-dip. Afterward we headed to Archie's for some delicious pizza, then walked to the park to play. On the way home we decided to stop in and take Winn-Dixie up on the 3/$10 icecream. Everyone got to pick out a flavor: Shelly-RockyRoad, Noah-Chocolate Brownie Blast, Ella Joy-Neopolitan.

Noah and Shelly at the beach

Shelly working really hard

to take
this picture of JuJu

the crazy spider rope course that I love to climb

Noah showing off his recently acquired Ripstick skills

a family picture after sweaty game of hide and go seek, and yes Noah is our child despite his very bronzy glow, he spends 10 hours a day outside catching lizards, climbing trees, and riding his scooter in the Miami sun

the only picture of Shelly and I together, La Leche League would be so proud

Day 2--Church in the morning, Julia stayed home with Shelly, and I came home to a clean house and folded laundry, Amazing! Later that afternoon we had a family photo shoot in the courtyard

Day 3--Metro Zoo

Day 4--Shelly and Ella Joy spend the afternoon at the beach together, Shelly takes EJ to CVS to buy nail polish and comes home with purple and yellow polish, EJ decides she wants her purple fingernails and yellow toenails, manicures and pedicures on the back patio for everyone who walks by, Noah and Ricardo stop in and join the fun, once David arrives home Shelly and I are dressed and ready for our night out. We head to Target and then on to South Beach where we eat at a frateli la bufala, an italian restaurant recommended by Terry, the brushetta was amazing!

Day 5--We drove through Coral Gables and Coconut Grove looking at the beautiful homes. Then we went to Vizcaya, a beautiful mansion built in 1910. Ella Joy decided that it was her castle and "the princess" (how she currently refers to herself) took us for a tour.

Day 6--We celebrated Noah's 8th birthday party with a progressive party. We started out with a donut eating contest in the courtyard, then we headed to the park for games and hotdogs, and then we came back to the pool for cupcakes and swimming. Lots of fun. Noah received a money counter from his friend Lucia and he is obsessed with it.

Day 7--Today we baked bread and made pizza. The missionaries came for dinner. The pizza dough that Ella Joy poked her fingers into over and over again turned out the best. So I will designate her as my permanent kneeder . I am currently crazy about basil. We had a pesto pizza and another one with veggies and basil. Delicious! Later that night Shelly and I headed out for some night rollerblading. Another reason I love Miami--rollerblading is alive and still happening!

Day 8--It was pouring down rain. So we headed to Dadeland Mall where Noah picked out his birthday gift (a Stier family tradition). He decided on a new Bakugan with 680 G's and Star Wars Lego set. Afterwards we headed to Tony Roma's for a very kid friendly dinner of chicken fingers and fries, Noah's choice of course. For dessert they brought us a huge chocolate brownie covered with hot fudge and icecream. What a sight as we consumed the dessert before we could finish singing Happy Birthday. Later that night Shelly made bows for Ella Joy as I hung family photos til the wee hours of the morning.

Day 9-- Shelly leaves at 9:30 am for the Fort Lauderdale airport. I sit on the sofa, so sad that the week is already over. Thanks so much for coming. Please come back soon