Monday, February 21, 2011

Key West Sunset

Over the long weekend we headed down to Key West for the night.
Not exactly a family vacation spot but I wanted to see it before we move.
We went to Mallory Square where people gather every night at dusk to watch the sunset.
It was beautiful.
That was definitely the best part of Key West.
While we were walking past all the restaurant/bars along the water Noah said:
"I know this smell. Christie and Papa John would love this place."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Why not Minot?

Yes it's true.
And now oh so official (above David signing the contract).
The Jacobs family is moving to Minot, North Dakota.
If this is the first time hearing the news you can now close your mouth which most likely just fell open as you uttered, "North Dakota?" (a reaction I have gotten a lot as I shared the news) and I will expound a little. And only a little because honestly I only have 5 minutes before Georgia wakes up to nurse and then in 5 more minutes I will most likely hear the pitter patter of JuJu's feet as she comes down stairs and for the fiftieth time this week wave her arm through the air and sing which in JuJu language means: I want to watch Annie.

So.... it is a really great job working at a hospital.
There is no retina specialist in the area so there is a lot of work and opportunity to serve the people of this area.
The salary is generous so we will be able to get out of debt in a couple of years.
The people are super nice and I think David is really going to enjoy his work.

The city of Minot:
Lots of families
Friendly people
Great schools
Amazing YMCA with a 4 story rock wall, yoga classes, tons of kids classes
Several indoor water parks with huge slides
Snow, lots of snow for tubing, sledding, cross country skiing
Nice summers

So that is a quick summary of why after much thinking, talking, and praying we chose Minot as our new home and next adventure.

So if you are ever in the vicinity which would be the middle of the US about an hour and a half south of Canada feel free to drop by. Really.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sleeping Georgia...ohh how I love this girl. She is a perfect baby.
Good thing because JuJu is a "perfect" 2 year old.

JuJu's twins laying outside the front door.
Her true feeling since Georgia's arrival keep coming out.
My favorite was when she tried to leave them at the bus stop.

David leaving for work with his Winn Dixie bag.

Georgia wearing Ella Joy's Valentine hat.

Baby's First Tatoo---couldn't find that one in the Baby book
Not that she actually has one

Ella Joy going through clothes that a friend had given me.
She was so excited with everything she found.
I let her look through the pile that I was not going to keep.
Her favorites: sequins and beads
She kept saying, "I'm going to wear this when I'm a mother."
Her favorite was this "shirt" that she conveniently made into a sweater dress.

A morning nap...heavenly