Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Noah's notes

Noah loves to share his feelings on his marker board. I love reading his notes. Some of them are almost perfect.

Others may need a Translation: "Mommy when it is your birthday me and daddy will get you something really exciting." Great I want a 8GB Ipod Nano. They are $187 at Costco. Should I be more specific? My birhtday is Monday, March 24. Turning 30 so yes, Daddy, we can spend that much on my present.

The Men I Love

Watching Curious George.

Playing Webkinz

Helping Daddy stay buff.

"I wanna be just like Noah!"

Something that brings me so much Joy is seeing Noah and EJ together. They absolutely adore each other. Noah will look at EJ in the car and say, "Mom, she's just sooo cute!" He always wants EJ to be with him. When I ask him to go play in his room, he always wants EJ to come. He gets her out of her crib every morning because he wants to be the first to see her. And EJ is a devoted fan of Noah's. She squeals to show her admiration and then runs after him. She also copies everything he does.