Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Lucky Socks

Halloween was so much fun! Noah dressed up as an army man and Ella Joy was a frog. I love Halloween in Winston-Salem! The neighborhood around the hospital is very into the holiday so we head over there to do our trick or treating. There is one road that the city blocks off so that cars can't pass. Its wonderful because most everyone is sitting on their porches waiting for trick or treaters. I opted on not taking the stroller because I thought Ella Joy would never stay in it. However, I was worried that she would get tired or be to slow. How wrong I was as she ran from house to house keeping up with Noah! It was so fun to see her catch on that every house had candy for her. Several times during the night we took picnic breaks on people's lawns and would eat chocolate. All 3 of us prefer chocolate over candy. Sadly, by the time we got home there was hardly any chocolate in our bags. Noah informed me that we would not be taking picnics next year.

And about the cat. This is Lucky Socks. He, she, it adopted us. He was the neighborhood that cat would come over now and again. Then Noah told me he was hungry and we bought a bag of cat food. Now he is our cat. Noah feeds him everyday, worries when he is shivering outside, and has made a bed in our garage for him. He is quite a unique, as you can see, Lucky is not too picky about how he is carried around. This is how Ella Joy picks him up and he just hangs there, doesn't try to get away or scratch. So depending on where we move Lucky may become a new family member as well.