Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Evidently the Easter Bunny took a detour through Ella Joy's room looking for some candy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Everyone needs a Josie

This is Josie.
Isn't she pretty?
I think so too.

But Josie isn't one of those pretty girls who keeps it all to herself.
She shares the pretty with her talented hands.
Can you guess what else she is besides a fabulous friend?

Yes she is my hair stylista!
She is the one I call when these stringy locks of mine get too long and need a good cut and color.

Today I had my last haircut with her as we both are leaving Winston-Salem soon and heading in opposite directions. Ella Joy and I are both sad. EJ tells me everynight, "Clara is my bestfriend forever." Although we won't see each other as often, we made plans to reunite in New Hampshire in the summer and maybe Josie and the girls will make their way down to Miami.

Thanks Josie for all the wonderful haircuts.
Making a girl feel pretty is priceless.
And thanks for teaching me how to cut the boys hair.
Over a lifetime you are saving me mucho $$$.

We look forward to visiting the farmhouse.