Friday, August 22, 2008

Noah's Party at the Children's Museum

Noah climbing the beanstalk

In July I won a party for up to 30 children at the Winston-Salem Children's Museum. Perfect timing to celebrate Noah's much awaited birthday. So this is where we celebrated the second part of Noah's birthday. Noah was so excited, he waited at the door so he could greet everyone as they came in. There was lots of children, lots of cupcakes, lots of fun! That night he went with David, Toby, and Taylor to see the Legos Star Wars movie.
"This has been the best birthday ever!"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Noah turns 7

On August 16, Noah turned 7. Every year starting in March or April I start hearing the question, "When is my birthday? After months of much anticipation, it arrived. First we celebrated in SC with the Hainsworth and Stier families.

Friday, August 1, 2008

David has Fun!!!

I've been looking forward to this first weekend in August that we would get to come to SC to see Jared and Alice as they passed through on their way back to CA. Of course I was so glad to see them and the rest of the Jacobs family but I was especially excited that David would finally get to relax and have some fun! Evident from his whiteness, he doesn't get away from the Wake Forest Eye Center very often. We did have a fun weekend swimming and going out on the waverunner. As cautious as David is about health issues you would think this would carry over to his concern for his wife in my "frail" state. We went out on the waverunner together. I drove first. I went fast but avoided sharp turns and big waves not wanting to bouce the baby too much. Then David drove and within a minute he had turned sharp and we both flew off. He was trying to see if this one could spin out like the one they had in highschool. Some things never change.

So glad to be with Daddy

Ella Joy wrestling with cousin Smith

Ella Joy and Oa--twin cousins

Noah finally asleep. After he screamed for an hour that he could not fall asleep sitting up.