Monday, June 29, 2009


So sweet

So silly

1 day apart

2 months apart

It was so much fun spending the month of June at Papa Dean's house. Noah had a blast with Josh and Krista--they spent most of their time in their forts, clubhouse, and swimming. Ella Joy and Smith loved chasing each other around the house. Stillwell and Julia were so cute together.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Forever friends

Rachel and Maria traveled to SC for a spend the night farewell celebration at Papa Dean's. We had a great time hanging out by the pool and letting the kids play. Here are the 11 children that the 3 of us created. Pretty amazing! We love these guys so much and although it is hard to say goodbye we know we will always stay in touch.

Noah, Chrisopther, Matthew, Taylor, Talmadge, Tiergan, Lauren, Ella Joy, Julia, Ethan, Jackson

We were trying out the Ergo on Julia but Ella Joy insisted on hopping in

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

David is Graduating, again

We celebrated yet another graduation. So far I have seen David graduate highschool, undergrad, med school, and now residency. He has worked, studied, and prayed to get where he is and I am so proud of him. We are so grateful for our time at Wake Forest. We were surrounded by wonderful people who made life fun and we will miss everyone so much.

I just realized I am starting to sound like Ella Joy. Everyday since we left Winston-Salem she tell me several times a day in her very high voice, "I miss my house soooo much." It breaks my heart.

Truly our 4 years in NC were amazing. We made wonderful memories and lifetime friends.

Ophthalmology girls with our basil plants compliments of the eye center.
We take what we can get.

David graduating. Sorry the pictures are blurry but at least we kind of captured the moment

Proud dad

Proud wife

11 year enagagement day commemoration kiss
June 16,1998 was the day David asked me to marry him.
We like to celebrate each year.
So this was our moment since we are living in different states.
Short but worth the 6 hour trip.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May Happenings

View from the tip of Key Biscayne

Driving from downtown Miami to Key Biscayne

David's new workplace

Our back patio and garden
This is what I fell in love with

We found the cutest, little town home on the most beautiful island outside of Miami. It is a 10 minute walk to the beach, 4 blocks from Noah's school, 3 blocks to the Winn-Dixie. David will be about 20 minutes from work. David and I fell in love with this place as we saw moms biking to the grocery store pulling their children behind, children walking home from school, beautiful beaches, community pools, and Sir Pizza. We are looking forward to our 2 year island adventure.

Julia started sitting up last week
Here just smiling and looking cute

Ella Joy has struggled with all the change in her 2 year world--new baby, sick baby, weeks at Grandma Christie's, selling the house, moving out of the house, potty training, paci departures. She is a little off and we are all just waiting for life to be normal and maybe she'll come back. Until then we will take pictures of her sleeping so we can remember how much we love her.

Sweet Noah. Yes, sweet. He has really grown up this past year. He no longer is my most difficult child, Ella Joy has filled the vacancy quite well. For the most part he listens and is helpful with the girls and so much fun to hang out with. He has a great sense of humor. This month he won 3rd place in the Chess tournament at his school. I have to say I was so proud of him.

Anyways this is our farewell to our sweet little house, we love you!