Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daddy Invention

When Daddy is left to care for baby creative feeding methods are discovered.
I actually think this is a product that could make millions.
What could we call it... "the best bottle breast rest."
And our slogan could be...when there are just not enough hands let the breasts do the rest.
Surely this would take off. I can already imagine our visit to the show The Big Idea.

Well despite the looks of it from this post and the previous post , we really do love our sweet Georgia and take very good care of her.

Speaking of which, Papa Smurf (that would be David) didn't like how Mama Smurf was getting the wee ones around so he insisted that she go rent a golf cart. Mama Smurf being the frugal smurfette that she is just couldn't take the plunge and drop big bucks on a more sophisticated form of transportation. However, Gargamel (the local police) stopped Mama Smurf and told her the wee ones were no longer allowed to ride chariot style. Note: Gargamel has been watching them all school year-- that would be 9 months-- and never said a word. Mama Smurf being the good law abiding smurfette that she is went immediately to the golf rental store and rented a cart for the next 6 weeks. Pictures of the new mode of transportation to be posted soon. And FYI --Mama Smurf only rode on the sidewalk at a very safe speed.

Mama Smurf's only question is what was Papa Smurf thinking when Mama Smurf was 8 months pregnant riding the bike and pulling the trailer? And Gargamel? Mama Smurf would have loved to have been forced to rent a golf cart during those months...

Other highlights from April

JuJu potty trained herself
About 3 weeks ago she got up from her seat at dinner and went to the potty. And that was it. She has been wearing undies ever since. She loves it. Its so sweet to see her and EJ sharing undies. Most of the time JuJu is wearing the baggie size 4's and EJ is wearing the tight size 2's. They don't really know whose undies belong to who.

Ella Joy learned to ride a 2 wheeler
We went to the park and practiced peddling for about 20 minutes with me holding onto to her. Then Noah kept telling me to let her go. When I did, off she went riding toward Noah til she tipped over. She was so proud of herself.

FYI--for anyone bike training, the key is to practice in a big field with flat grass, then there is not the fear of falling. We learned this with Noah. We practiced for a few days on our street. As soon as we took him to a field he was riding in a few minutes. It makes all the difference.

Friday, April 1, 2011

This is how we Roll

I have been meaning to document our means of transportation.

I only wish I would have gotten a picture of me riding my bike 8 months pregnant.

Oh the looks I got.

Now the looks are not so much at me but at the circus that follows behind me

Baby in the carrier inside the trailer

JuJu and EJ riding chariot style

Noah on his own bike

Ohhh how I will miss riding everywhere and the ease of just telling everyone to hop on the bike.

Happy April Fool's Day!

I am borrowing the neighbor's dog and telling David that I decided to get Noah's 10th birthday present early.