Wednesday, September 23, 2009

JuJu's Favorite Pastime...

Pulling David's leg hair.
She looks for opportunities to do it.
She loves the face he makes.
She loves that sometimes he screams in pain.
It makes her smile.
It makes me laugh.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday David! 33

For David's 33rd Birthday we had salmon for dinner with Cookies and Cream icecream cones for dessert. We sang and made a list of 33 things that we love about him. Noah and I had a great time doing that together. Noah asked, "what is the word for Daddy like when he wanted to connect the Wii to the internet and you told him that it wasn't going to work but he kept doing it anyways?" We decided on determined, gives 100%.

33 things we love about You
1. Active
2. Smart
3. Handsome
4. Funny
5. Calm
6. Kind
7. Thoughtful
8. Rollerblade lover
9. Swimmer
11.Piano player
13.Gives 100%
15. Massager
16.Piggy back expert
17.Scripture reader
18.Baseball player
19.Problem solver
20. $ maker
21.Food lover
22.Good kisser
23.Good hugger
24.Football watcher
27.Good tickler
28.Church going
29.Temple attending
30.Returned missionary
32.Eyeball lover
33.Daddy and Husband

You are the best! We love you! Jenny, Noah, Ella Joy, and Julia

Monday, September 14, 2009

Joy School

Ella Joy recently began attending Joy School. She was so excited to get to go to school like Bubby. She packed her purple Dora backpack a week before school started and everyday she would ask, "I going to Joy School today?" I'm quite certain she thinks the school is named after her. The night before she picked out her outfit (thanks Alice) and told me that she wanted to wear her hair in pigtails with bows (thanks Shelly). Glad she knows what she wants and isn't so indecisive like me. She goes on Monday and Wednesday from 9-12 and is having a great time. It is at my friend Amber's apartment. We cross the bridge and I drop her off at the "big white mountain" (a highrise) and then she goes "up and up and up until number 5." She loves riding the elevator and getting to push the buttons that make it go. I am so grateful Amber decided to organize a little school. Ella Joy is having so much fun and I am enjoying a little bit time not answering Ella Joy's favorite question"but why?" Here she is with her new friend Charlie (Amber's daughter)who is a perfect match for her since she has an older brother as well. Most of the time they get along great dressing up, playing dolls, coloring however if a fight breaks out its anyone's guess who might win. Ella Joy has an ear piercing scream that can send even the toughest running but Charlie has more brute strength and can overpower Ella Joy's mere 24 pounds. They are cute and 100% girl!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

David gets to visit the Sea Aquarium

We ran into Iggy's great grandpa along the boardwalk

He reminded me so much of Iggy. He just stayed on the path without flinching

Noah and Ella Joy got close

very close.

Julia checks out the sharks from her safe spot up above

The shark below

Later in the day we went to Crandon Beach with the Angelone family

The boys played soccer--Italy vs. U.S. I think Italy won but we won't tell Noah

Ella Joy's castle that she loves soooo much!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When everyone is screaming...

Ice cream saves the day!